Thursday, May 28, 2009

T minus 18 seconds.

The countdown has begun. In just a little moment, I will have a new job, in the same office, doing more work. In just a little month, I will have a new apartment, in the same city, in walking distance to my office. In just a little week, I will see my best friend, and her husband, on this crazy busy weekend.

I hate change. But I love Julie.
I need change. But I really don't have time for it.
I will change. Because I can't stay where I am.
I love change. But only because I know it will be easier in the long run.

Self-care days 3-8?

Day 3: I don't remember...

Day 4: Drinks. Huzpaz.

Day 5: Cancel Date. Relax instead.

Day 6: Long morning for getting ready slowly. Watch sisterhood of the travelling pants deux. Petty indulgence.

Day 7: Jennifer, Brian, Joel, Ace, Benji, Jessica, Kelly, Brad. Margarita. Rose.

Day 8: (this is today) look at a new apartment, so I don't hate where I live anymore.

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