Thursday, May 14, 2009

a beating heart

A beating heart,

these rushing veins,

the rolling stomach,

my storming thoughts....

How I love date anticipation.

Almost as much as I love:

sunny afternoons after rainy mornings,

the ability to understand my sister's unnameable emotion,

knowing I will see my neph and nieceling this weekend,


looking my counselor in the face and telling her that I feel I know myself again,

having my counselor look me in the face and tell me how graceful I am (HOLY ISHMAEL! She used the word graceful!... see below for context)

normal life. And knowing a little what normal life means...

So about my counselor. She told me I have lived gracefully. Over and over and over, over these years my prayer has been grace. Not just physical grace, but emotional, and spiritual grace. I have always wanted it. I felt confirmed. Loved. I felt grown up.

Props on a good day Jesus.

Hoping your evening tea tasted as good as mine and was shared with as lovely of a person...


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