Thursday, August 6, 2009

A ridiculous little soul

Hello my ridiculous little soul. May I just say that there are times when you should just walk away, should just put down the phone, should just let it be, but you don’t. You ridiculous little soul.
“But you should get close to everything you care about. Things come and go. People come and go and maybe some of us learn to stop caring about it. But I keep reaching out, even though my hand keeps getting slapped away. When I was little I used to close my eyes every time I wanted to hide. Maybe I thought that made me disappear. When you get older you learn that closing your eyes just makes it darker. You have to face everything, even death, if you want to grow up.”
And I want to grow up. World, I am so in control – maybe not of all that uncontrollable stuff, but at least of my heart. So don’t mess with me.