Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Alaska in earnest

So I leave in three days. If I don't count today, or the day I leave. More accurately I leave in 92 hours which is actually 3.8 days.

I hope to blog while I am there. I will have access to the Internet. I don't know what my time constraints will look like.

I have some trepidation. Mostly because Alaskabenji is not a planner. I am a planner.

Some things that are not planned:
1. How he will pick me up from the airport. He was supposed to get a new car this week, but it might not happen.
2. Where I will stay. I was supposed to stay with his sister but won't anymore.
3. How we will do anything other than sit and stare at each other.. no car = less freedom.
4. What we will talk about. I know it is silly to plan for these things, but I am a planner.
5. How I will hook up with my team for the mission portion of the trip after my three.five days of alaskabenji are over.

Some things that are tentative:
1. Benji wants to go to Mass with me.
2. Kayaking!
3. Driving all 40 miles of the Juneau Hwy.

Some things are are more definite.
1. Coffee.
2. Pool... apparently pool is free in the bars there. Christmas freaking Miracle!
3. Yurt building. Gotta love me some Yurt building baby.

I am excited. I am nervous. I am going to have to wait and see.

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