Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sunshiney Morning.

Saturday morning. Heavenly Blessing.

List of to do's for today:
Laundry! (at mom's house so I don't have to fight for the washer with my roommates)
Hanging out with the Neph. Good times.
Clean room? We'll see after I get back from doing Laundry, how much time there is before I go to bed.
Weigh the decision of paying off credit cards or going to London...

List of things I don't have to do today (slightly more impressive):
Go to work. (first day off in over two weeks).
Go to the hospital. 1. because Ian is back at the nursing home, and 2. because he seems to be doing quite well actually.
Worry about money. Because I bonused at work, even though they told me I wouldn't.

Overall a very normal day, which is more exciting than it should be. and yet somehow very frightening. I feel like there is still so much going on... so much drama to fix, that taking a day to be normal is not a good idea... but I'm doing it anyway, because everyone else is, so it must be okay.

We'll see if my trepidation was there for good reason or not. Time will always tell.

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