Thursday, June 2, 2011

Selling my soul

Dear World,

I feel cynical today. A little snarky. I want to talk trash. Instead I have a conference call with my boss where I must be bright and cheery or she will not believe that I am committed to the company's core values. Since when is cheeriness a core value?

I am in the mood to clean things. So I cleaned my apartment. But now there is nothing left to clean, so I'm going to organize my bills. That's gross. I'm thinking about making a spreadsheet for them, but that seems like a waste of time. I want to color code it and have it link to my calendar with sparkling timers of joy that go off every time something is due to be paid, which will erupt into fireworks of congratulations when I actually pay something off. I wish fireworks would go off every time I paid a bill. I would be so much more motivated to pay my bills early, instead of just on time.

I bought new shoes, but they are not summer shoes. They are fall shoes. So I don't think I can bring myself to wear them yet. But they are very cute.

Last night boyfriend was not on the same page as me. I wanted to play games and have fun. He wanted to be quiet and cuddle.

Ugh the boss is calling.

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