Monday, May 3, 2010

Remarkably true and definitely false

Sometimes I have to tell stories to myself. I can't help it. I am that weird girl that totally talks to herself all the time. Today my co-workers even called me an Ave. Rat, and I understood why they would say such a thing. I also have a very large tendency to sing, All. The. Time. In college I earned myself the nick name "Constant Karaoke". Anyway, the point here, the operative portion of this paragraph, if you will, is that I tell myself stories, that are simultaneously remarkably true and definitely false.

If you have read the final Harry Potter book, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", you may be able to picture what I am talking about. At the end of the book Albus Dumbledore (who is, by the way, dead), says to Harry, "Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?" Well I can tell you why it is not real. Because it is not happening in real life, but somehow, my stories are very real to me. Does this make me crazy? Quite possibly. Does this make me entirely too full of imagination. Why yes. Yes it does.

So here is my story today. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I have. It's thrilling, enchanting and entirely too much fun.

Once upon a time there lived a girl of magnificent beauty who sang Beatles songs with rapaciousness. Her voice sought the ears of all those lonely in the world and brought sunshine and warmth to their faces. There was, however and most unfortunately, a caged dog that lived within some of those who portrayed a happy life, that would be loosed at the very sight of our girl. Those caged dogs would growl and bark and snarl and snap in every effort to steal her sunny disposition and take it home for their very own. The girl was mostly bold in facing the dogs. She felt her fear most certainly, but her stubbornly set jaw would not allow her to cower. She would look that dog straight in the eye and giggle a most endearing giggle, just to get under his skin. She would skip on her way and leave the beast tethered to it cage. But on occasion one of these dogs would break free from it's leash and chase her down. He would chew on her shoulders and bite at her ears forcing them to bleed. For days after one of these sad encounters she could not hear her own voice... and the Beatles would slowly cease to make sense on her lips. One day, in a most shocking turn of events, she met one of these loosed dogs. He ran her down, and her feet, already mangled from meeting with too many loosed dogs as of late, would not carry her quickly enough. Her soul was weary from being beaten so many times in a row, and she felt anger quickly rising. She turned on the dog, ready to face him. She fired her most snarky remarks and let him have the full force of her fury. Then, quite without expectation, a darling and loyal puppy came loping by. He stopped and watched momentarily while the girl fought the wild animal. The puppy walked up, and the wild animal shied away entirely, leaving the scene in a mass of confusion. Where did such happy puppy's come from? The sadness in the puppy's eyes belied his young age, but the girl did not see the maturity in him. She saw only his cuddly exterior. Not until the puppy stood by her side and walked her home and into the light of the morning did she realize that not all dogs are wild beasts. Not all puppy's are hyper nuisances. Sometimes they are just right for a walk home. At the end of the walk, the puppy left her with a smile and nod. She was glad of his company, but still more glad of the sunshine he restored to her beaten frame.

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