Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lenten Miracles

Hello my Lenten miracles,

I love lent. Adore it. But this year is going to be hard. Rather than just giving something up, I am working to break addictions. It's not easy going.

In favor of that, I have a little blog to track my Lenten successes and failures. I don't wish to keep it here, because I want to give all of you the opportunity to opt out of knowing exactly how imperfect I am. If you don't want to know my sins, my wretchedness, my life then don't read the other blog. I want to be perfectly clear: I am sharing the other blog because I am willing to. This does not mean I am willing to put up with your suggestions, criticisms, censure, pity, or authorial need to change who I have decided (yes consciously decided) to be. So fair warning. It is a clean and family friendly new blog. But it is honest in a few ways this one has not been. So without further disclaimers, here is my Lenten journey: The Fat Lady Hums

I am looking forward to some Lenten Miracles. You are all Lenten Miracles, by the way. As I am.

As Olive Jade Wigand is.
As Kingston deleon Debois is.

I am celebrating these new lives. and my new life.

Lenten Love to all.

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Timotheus said...

Brilliant. I love your honesty and encouragement for others who are taking on a similar journey as yourself- though extremely difficult. Thanks for showing us your heart.