Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So much time. So little progress.

This weekend, the labor day one, I had such a great opportunity. My apartment was empty, save me. My life was empty, save cleaning. I had time to spend with myself.

I cleaned. Success.
I hung out with only me.
I so did not invest.

I didn't have the energy to look at me. I didn't have the energy to ask me about me. I was being an introvert.

If you think getting to know me is any less extroverting than getting to know another, you are sadly mistaken. It takes the same emotional energy, because I don't trust me anymore than I trust other people. And because I am just as high maintenance as other people. Because I really do need way too much attention.

So tonight's homework: a started (just started, not finished) list of things I like about me.

So far I have one (and since I am watching the Premier of GLEE, I am not get much further):
I like that I am unabashedly unafraid of love.

That's it.

So far.

love. you.

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