Wednesday, December 10, 2008

left at the interstate and straight on til morning

I miss Redding.

Things I miss:
Big Timing Small Town.
Father Avram's stupid jokes.
Father Michael's fastidiousness.
Father Davis's unexplainable love and reverence.
Newness. every day newness.
Forced Community.
Mark Carter.
Craig Slane...

I think the next time I go, I will drive. Just to have the time to myself. Yes. I've decided. How wonderful is that.

I very much miss having SO many people in my life that can just relate to where I am in life. Not only people my own age, but professors and friends who so understand the intellectual and spiritual tension I am thinking through... without answers, but offering dialogue and a cup of coffee. I even miss just having time for that. To just sit and process together, purposefully. I miss that everything and everyone was 15 minutes away. I miss knowing that I had something important to say.

well... that last sentence was enough reality for me at the moment. (I love how that happens. I am processing along in a normal way, and finally I say that one thing I've been trying to get to the whole time, and the reality of that one thought stops me so quickly, I have to catch my breath and run away.... like right now.)

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jenni lawler said...

Is it sad that when reading this, I miss Redding when I am currently sitting in my dorm room? I am cannot imagine a life after Simpson. I kinda just want to stay here forever.