Saturday, August 21, 2010

Even though I know.

Even though I know you, I somehow expect you to be someone other than you are.
Even though you have been this same person for 7 years, I expect you to have grown up.
Even though I expect you to honor our friendship by being straightforward you continue to beat around the bush.
Even though I know I can't force you to tell me what you are thinking, I wish that you would.
Even though you know me so well, I still scare the ever loving beejabbers out of you.
Even though you should be able to trust me with my own heart, you somehow still assume you must take responsibility for it.
Even though you make me so infuriatingly angry, I still love you.
Even though you're not talking to me, I know you still love me.
Even though this is awkward, I know it will be over someday.
Even though I should still be reveling in the fact that you're not leaving, I wish you would leave, so I wouldn't have to deal with all the drama.

Even though I am crazy, I promise I am honest.

Even though it makes me cry, I know. And knowing, my friend, is half the battle.

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