Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blessed Sacrament - Assignment #1

Well, that was an interesting service. I went to the 5:45 Service at Blessed Sacrament tonight. I walked in and the first thing a very nice greeter walked up to me and asked if I would be willing to pass out bulletins after the service. I explained that I was not a regularly attending congregant, but she didn't seem to feel that that mattered. I told her I would do it but found it very odd. The liturgy was a little different that I was used to, and I was a little more than surprised at being asked to offer service upon my first entrance to the building, but I felt welcomed and happy to be there. The building is beautiful and the music was lovely, the homily was more evangelical than I expected, but still good. I am interested in going to other services, but the Dominican approach was new to me and not one I am entirely ruling out.

To Advent, to finding home, and to stepping out.


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