Monday, October 12, 2009

One Flight Down

I flew away this weekend to see my Julie and her Tim. It was a fabulous holiday of relaxation, rest, with the occasional romp. I am tired today, but only due to the 4:30 AM rising and the sleepless flight home.

Friday night was nosh, wine, and banter. Tim went to bed fairly quickly, but Julie and I stayed up until the wee hours catching up and remembering each other. It was lovely to be in the presence of a person who knows me so well despite the fact that we don't talk regularly, and see each other even less. I love this girl.

Saturday begin later than a normal Saturday for me, which was lovely, and after coffee with Tim (on his coffee break at Mermaid prison) we shared lunch and a walk. The most delightful moment came while watching The Holiday. We found that Julie did not know what Manischewitz is. We immediately stopped the film and went to the BevMo, for no Old Testament Major should be lacking a Manischewitz experience. We came home and worked on dinner, and drank that sweet kosher wine. After more wine (of the non-kosher variety), a couple of lemon drops, and a fabulous steak dinner, the three of us donned our dapper dans and headed to midtown for a night of what we thought would bring drinking, art, and city life.

Let me say this: Saturday night was SO much fun. However, it held very little of the expected (indeed promised) entertainment. We met up with acquaintances of theirs from church, and had a beer. Just one. How this makes me smile even now. Post beer we decided the restaurant had lost its charm and decided to move on to a more happening joint. After walking a few blocks we discovered that we had no direction. So we stopped to discuss with the six that had joined us. Turns out one of them decided to come downtown for drinks without her ID or any money. So we kept walking. Finally fed up, I turned to all of them and said, "Okay, so what are we doing? I know we can't go to a bar, but since I'm not from here you all have to give me ideas." The ID-slacker suggested a dessert place a few blocks away. "Lead the way!" I said enthusiastically. We got lost once, but finally made it. In a cute little fifties diner, we sat at a table, and no one ordered anything. Tim, being the gentleman and a food service employee, did the right thing and ordered us some cheesecake. We three enjoyed, while the other six stared on. Who are these people! I was appalled. Post dessert we gave up on them and went home.

The evening was a fun romping for Julie, Tim and I. We had a fabulous time joking and bashing about. One of the six was an attentive young man named Bryan who seemed impressed that a Christian girl could hold her own in the big city. Not being of the Christ persuasion, he casually attends church, but seems lost in himself, trying to not be the boy he was, but uncertain of the man he will be. I can relate to that, and had a great time letting him understand that Christians are not all like the five young friends he had come with that evening.

Sunday Church was interesting. The group has potential but definitely can use the outsiders perspective as they seem to miss some important relational interactions. There are unspoken crushes that could cause problems, spoken sermons that are not intended for the newbies (or even the non-congregants), fears and insecurities about what the heck they are all doing there, excitement about the possibilities and provisions before them, and an overall lack of forethought -regardless of how much time they spend on forethought. I believe they will be fine. Growing pains are always hard.

Overall, the weekend was glorious and relaxing. I have found a new escape.


PS. I bought a new purse. mmmm. accessories.

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