Friday, June 12, 2009

Exhaustion overwhelms

All I want to do lately is watch old 90210 episodes and sit on the sofa with no thoughts running through my head. I think this means I am working too hard and too much. Or maybe that the sunshine is getting to me.

I dreamt this song last night. And I've been singing it all day. It was the background to mountains and oceans and kayaks and camping.

This braver life I've come to know
begins to beat my very soul
I cannot wait to hold
your hand

All you are is sweet surrender
the hope that only you can render
I cannot wait to hold
your hand

I see you
I touch you
I feel you
I dream you

I breathe you
I want you
I hope you
I know you

This braver life you'll come to know
when I begin to share my soul
you cannot wait to hold
my hand.

All we seek is sweet surrender
the hope we can surely muster
you are the son of His
right hand.

To know you
to hold you
to see you
to breath you...

when once again I hold
your hand.

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