Monday, February 23, 2009

No Virgin, No Virgil

There is this horrifying something I have realized over the last few days: I am not willing to marry without exactly everything I want (love). I have always thought that I could and even would marry without love, that I would give up everything about myself (my hopes, dreams, desires) to marry. However, I am just not that girl. Could I be that girl? I could have, but times, they change.

There is a man in my world who is good to me. He would forever do right by me. He will forever do right by my family. He is loyal to a fault. No man has ever been as dedicated to my family as he is, without actually being family. I should marry him. I should take him home and take care of him, the way he has taken care of us, of me. I should give up my life for him, because then we would owe him nothing. But I won’t.

I really thought I would do this. Find that man who would be there for my family and marry him no matter how much I didn’t want him. For that reason, I sometimes think that this man is for me. For that reason, I sometimes think I want to be with him forever. For that reason, I sometimes think that do love him. But sometimes is most certainly not always. And sometimes just isn’t going to cut it.

“Meh” is all I can say about the men I’ve met. Meh. I’m not impressed. I’m not excited. I’m not willing to expend energy. Meh. I heard once that “Love is just love”. Is that really true? Am I expecting too much of men? Am I expecting something that just isn’t? Really people, I know I am picky, but I am just not that impressed. I want to shake most men I’ve met and say “Really? Is that the best you can do?”

And so, I’ve also discovered that I believe I would be more “lovable” if I were not so picky. And so, I am happy to be picky. And so, I am delighted to be single. And so, I am glad that I am the only person letting me down. And so, I am thrilled to say, that I went grocery shopping, will clean, and take care of this little me. And so, I should know that I am capable of taking care of this little me, all by myself. Thank you very much.

But sometimes (I admit in my small voice) even though I know I am capable, I just don’t want to anymore.

I think this could be (tell me if I am wrong) because after taking care of all of the others, there just isn’t energy (or time?) to care for this little me. And this, my friends, makes me very very angry. I want to know something. I want to know: Could I be extremely happy taking care of this little me if I was not taking care of everyone else? Then comes the question: Do I have the wherewithal to be selfish (I know that not all of you will think that this is selfish, but don't touch that part... it's the way I see it and I think I have to experience it before I can see it differently...) for just two weeks, just two, to test out this theory? To only take care of me for two weeks? Opinions? Can I do this and not offend?

Thoughts please.

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Lilliana Jones said...

First of all, I'm proud of you for knowing that you aren't obligated to marry someone just because he is taking care of you. There is only one person that you owe your life to, and I know you have already given it to Him. At the risk of sounding like a romance novel-reading, soap opera-watching, lovesick thirteen year old girl, I truly believe that you should be completely swept away by someone before you can marry them--it's a vow, a huge commitment, and you shouldn't waste it, definitely.

And since you actually asked for opinions about the last part... I don't think there's any shame in taking care of just yourself for a while. You do so much, you are invested in so many people. Which is great! I'm so glad that I'm one of those people! But it wouldn't be a bad idea to be able to experience what it is like to be taken care of... and in a different way than having someone else do that job.

I hope that means something...