Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lenten Eve (AKA Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday)

It's it almost here. ALMOST HERE! Tomorrow it begins. i. am. so. excited.

I'm not sure I am explaining this quite correctly, because hyper-pre-Disneyland excitement is NOT what I am trying to relay. But there is a settled feeling of coming home after a trip too long. When the plane is landing you know that in just a few minutes you will be back in the place most right for your soul. So maybe not like coming home, but you get the point.

I feel fluttering in my veins, almost like will see a good friend, or a super crush after months of separation.

Tomorrow, after too long a wait, lent will begin. I will wake early, and go straight to mass. With Ash on my forehead and Jesus in my belly I will go to work. Hopefully the day will end so rightly, with a wonderful episode of LOST, after a productive presentation full of several sales. I feel a restful time coming on, a time for giving up on my worries and focusing on my heart's desire for Jesus and me. Tea and Sympathy. Sunshine and Cedar.

Today I had my final Lunch out with ladies at work. I am giving up eating out for Lent. I have bought my groceries, I am prepared. I am so ready that it almost hurts. In addition to giving up eating out, I will take 30 minutes of my normal lunch hour to pray the rosary, something I've never given much thought to before. Admittedly I do not have certain parts of it memorized, as I should. But I figure after 40 days of it, I probably will. Not everyday will be dedicated to the rosary. Some days will be Hebrew instead, Vocabulary and Translation.

Lent is always a time of cleanliness, so I plan to take this Saturday (after I get off work) to organize, rearrange, and beautiful my living space... The space in which I will live this restfulness. The space in which my heart will wait for Christ. mmm... may I just say now it's time to take a break from my ever present Christmas miracles... Lenten Miracles here we come.

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