Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Booty Camp

This morning I went to Booty Camp. A few weeks ago, I made the decision to spend more money than is really necessary on exercise that is set up in a way that will make me want to go. Southside Booty Camp was my answer. I'm spending enough to spend two days at Disneyland in order to work out outside in a park that overlooks the Space Needle and the Puget Sound with a bunch of other women.

Booty Camp is hard core, but really not that bad. I think the best thing that came out of it is that I realized that I at least have the potential to be hard core again too. I was exhausted when I got home. The 3 flights of switch back stairs in my apartment were the hardest part of the morning... WAY harder than getting up at 5:30am and WAY harder than the sprints and lunges and workout etc.

So now Monday - Thursday from 6:15 -7:15am, I will be working my tail feathers. Hopefully the tail feathers will blossom and grow (they are currently lacking), but the tummy pooch, thunder thighs, and arm jigglers will fall right off. I'm exhausted today and I'm sure I'll be more exhausted tomorrow, but hopefully by the end of this first session (one month long) I will be getting into a groove.

I was joking with a friend yesterday that I'm hoping not to lose any weight or size but just turn was currently is into the creepiest mass of muscle ever seen on a woman. I'm really hoping that doesn't actually happen.

Coincidentally, I've also learned that my body is getting old. It doesn't respond to stretching the way it always has. I found latent strength, but not latent flexibility. I was a little bummed about that.

So hopefully I'll feel better about this body of mine. I've decided that exercise is for how I feel and dieting is for how I look. I can't feel guilty about exercise or I won't do it. I can't feel motivated about dieting because that's just ridiculous... so I've just separated them into two categories and called it good.

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Tim Morris said...

Go Becca! You can do it! :)