Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Replacement

Every once in a while, life requires us to replace our thoughts with new thoughts. To journey forth into reality because the world we imagined does not actually exist before us. Where we thought there was safety there was none. Where we petitioned open-mindedness and understanding we found shock. This happens to me a lot.

Of course I must admit that this time is different. The bearing of a piece of information that is to me inconsequential, has before embarrassed me when I found that terrified others. I love to live life too fully. It is what we are here for. As my dearest brother likes to say "It is better to burn out than fade away..." and I must admit, I whole heartedly agree with him. In this case especially, I find myself untouched by the cautions I have received. Mostly because I just don't care. The portion of my life I am replacing here is long over. Years have gone before me, I have recognized my naivety, and I have solved the unbalanced ideals that waged war in my head. In short, I've grown up.

Replacement, though, must occasionally occur. Not necessarily for our own good, but for the good of those around us. I am often alone in my reflections on my life and choices. But I am not alone in life. My reflections can and will affect others if I blog about them (but isn't that the point?). Sometimes that affect is not what we would wish it to be. The only comment that made me replace my story was from one who had a very valid and immediate need that could be solved by the mere act of replacement. And so replacement has occurred. Because love is not always inappropriate and respect is a just act.

That we should not forget who are, because others are afraid of us (or for us), that we should not change our soul and ideals because others cannot abide them, that we should always embrace our community, even if that community has long since passed from our daily meanderings, let us remember the value of replacement.

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