Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Happy List

Isn't it amazing what a couple of days can do for one's outlook on life?

At the end of the day (there is a story behind that phrase.... see below for story), I have no control. So why not be happy and let it all go? Happy Happy Joy Joy. I am committing to being happy. Let's play a game. I will list my happiness, then you send me yours.

Happy List:
1. I have very nicely painted red nails.
2. I have a very cute boy who calls and visits me very often.
3. I have a job. (work drama sucks, but I am glad that I work at all)
4. I am alive and kicking.
5. I can blog until my fingers bleed.
6. I have mental health insurance, which means I can go vent to someone who provides me with actionable steps to bettering my life.
7. I am learning that being open about who I am can be wretched, because it worries people, but then at least I know who I am. I find when I am not open with people, I begin to believe I am the person they think I am, rather than the woman I really am. Woot.
8. I love the word Woot.
9. It's raining. And I just don't care if my hair curls.
10. Nieces and nephews are the best.

Now the story:
Dr. Jean Kachiga, a professor of mine from Simpson, used this phrase (at the end of the day) rather excessively. I loved it every time. Granted Kachiga is by far the most attractive educator on the face of my planet (by my planet, I mean the part of the world thus far opened to me), however, he is also remarkably intelligent and a mad scientist of international theory. If I could marry him (or just be like him) I would. My crush is a little ridiculous, I know. But man oh man. I sure know to pick them.

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Dr. Jones said...

Happy List
1. Iam having a bad hair day , and i dont care!!!
2. I have a great job.
3. My daughter is on a adventure of a life time!
( and is doing it all with God) : )
4. Me and my hubby are best friends.
5. God is using this Lenten Season to bring me closer to Him!
6.I have three amazing pets.
7.Iam starting to journal again.
8.God gives me his peace that totally surpasses my understanding!
9.I love hearing the song of the frogs that live in our pond.
10. I love looking at the custom calendar I got for Christmas : )