Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Happily Ever After (Once upon a time finale!)

The saga of our young heroine has finally come to a close. She travelled to that far disant land, Ocean Shores, and rested her weary soul. She read, she figured some things out, and now she is here to tell you all about it, by herself!

My weekend began with a three hour drive, rocking out to 80's #1 hits!

It was a very thoughtful and happy drive. I decided to take a break and advice from a friend and grab a beer at the Galloway Bay on my way to Moclips

Two beers, one pasty, and much irish music by cute irish boys later, I left for my hotel. Upon arrival in my room, I drew a hot bath, got in, and promptly fell asleep in the tub. I woke up to myself talking in my sleep, got up and went to bed.

I was surprised to wake up at 7:30 the next morning, having had every intention of sleeping in, but I got up and went to breakfast:
This continental breakfast came free with my room, and was served at a table in their fine dining restaurant, waiter and all. Lovely. The view out the window to the right was of the crashing waves. While dining, a young family came in and was seated at the table adjacent to mine. I listened while the young lady (no more than 6) carefully explained to her upper class parents English pronunciation rules, "When 'i' or 'e' comes after 'c' it makes an 's' sound," she announced with much distinction. Soon after this, her father pulled out Prince Caspian and began to read in one of the best voices I have ever heard, while her mother took out a brush and went to work on her tangled bedhead.

After breakfast it was time for the beach.
a very bright day!
I had a lot of time to think...
I may not be rich, but at the ocean, I am a millionare!
I was very happy in my ocean bubble...a self explanatory proclamation

My 2 hour walk was wonderful, and as much as I wish I could say I used the time to solve all the world's problems (or even just my own) I didn't seem to even have the capacity to think properly. I just walked, consumed by the silence, and the crashing waves. I did greet my lovely old man in the sea, and I did shed my customary tears. I sang the doxology and I had the general sense that the beach knew the shape of my feet, the tones of my voice, and the taste of my tears.

After the walk, I was happily surprised to find myself all aglow with the pleasure of being alone...

So I lounged upon my bed and watched a very cheesy movie (Rookie of the Year) and cried over the way the mother turned out to be the son's hero. Post movie I decided it was time to read one of the 20 books I had brought with me. I chose this one...
It seemed a fitting choice

The book was given to me by Mr. Mark Carter. It was a graduation gift and inscribed with the prayer that I would learn patience. Patience was not the only lesson I learned from this book, and I plan to post on this book alone very soon, but I will leave you with this one quote, "A woman must come of age alone."

The book was read in my room, on a cliff above the sea, in the sauna (not a great idea, the binding began to melt after about 5 minutes... also not a great idea to wear metal earrings in the Sauna... they will burn you. However going in the Sauna is a good idea, especially when Adonis himself opens the door, sweating and gorgeous, as you are headed in...), then in the jacuzzi, and finally on the beach. I finished the book in three or four hours.

Post book, I walked and journaled on the beach (journaling in the wind= extreme difficulty).

As the sun began to descend in the sky, I knew it was time to go get ready for dinner

And ready I did
Dinner was served (with wine!)

Funny story from dinner: The fabulous gay men at the table next to mine (it's amazing what you hear when you aren't talking), and the wonderful moment when I showed off my wine tasting skills to their wine specialist!

After dinner it was time for my starlight stroll, for which I dressed warmly
After the walk, I watched Braveheart and again went to bed early. The morning was the best I've had in a long time. Jesus found me and we read Isaiah 54 together. Then it was time for another breakfast (this morning was The Dawn Treader) and another walk.
He reached out to me. I stood with him
we played tag. I lost.
I stared at his beauty...
...and he at mine.
and I at his...

On this walk I sang hymns (it was Palm Sunday after all!) and I loved and everything. I thought that I would take one last glance and just go back to the room, pack and leave. But after all of that, I had to drive back to the beach for one final thing.

I need to figure out my life before I left. I had done much of that on an emotional level, a spiritual level, and a personal level. I had not done that on a practical level. I took out my day planner and I planned my me time for the next week (it's taking a lot of energy to stick to my schedule btw) and to figure out how I was going to make this "taking care of myself" thing work practically in my life. When done, I took one last long loving look before I left...

Yes that is a crucifix, and yes I skipped Mass.
but then I needed one more backward glance, because, well, I am in love.
Overall, It was beautiful. Later, maybe much much later, someday, I will write about how it changed me. I want to be sure these changes stick. And right now I want to go to bed.

Bon night,

Our Heroine.


Lilliana Jones said...

I love you and I'm proud of you and I'm SO happy for you.

Autumn Leaf said...

Awesome sounding Ocean Trip! So how do you know Mark Carter? I clicked on his name and watched the Living in the Lime Light deal and he didn't mention Simpson or Washington... so just wondering how you got a graduation gift from him.

Becca said...

Mark Carter USED to be the Chaplain at Simpson, before he went to Point Loma. I worked for him as his intern. He is a very special man.

Autumn Leaf said...

Ah! I see now, very cool!!