Thursday, November 20, 2008

mein schonheit ist mein schmerzen

No worries, this one will not contain all of that scandalous material of the other (for my one scandalous reader, do not fear, I will continue it there but create dialogue here). I found that I wanted to collaborate in my other blog, but only scared others so badly they would not touch me with a ten foot pole, let alone dialogue with me. In conjunction with that, I find I have absolutely GOT to find a way to dialogue with people in real life if I want my dialogue to occur via blog... or at all.

I've decided I need a place to write about the normal things, because if I'm talking about normal things maybe, just maybe I will engage in the normal things... and maybe someday normal will become beautiful, and I can stop needing my pain to be my beauty.


Iscah Mara said...

but, what if i think using untranslated german is scandalous?

my ___ is my ___ ?

i think this is a good idea - a safe place to share your days. and i love the color you've chosen. it reminds me of the ocean at night. so calming.

i might just stop by to read your blog so i can sit and stare at that color.

love you, my darling.

Benjamin said...

You should write only in German. You would be that elusive woman. It would be just like cussing, but better! Normal is okay, because normal doesn't exist.